7 Ways to speak better English – Things to avoid when you speak English

I have spent many years living in another country and for that, I often talk with many people who speak a foreign language as the English.

After talking with thousands of non-native, I found a few things that are making progress in the English is impaired learning of languages.

1. Do not be too shy to talk

This is the only way to learn to speak the language of the English, that is, open your lips and speak the language of the English. The only way to talk to the better is to talk and has a lot to say!

You could quibble why does not speak the language of the English, like saying that you’re too shy to talk, but that won’t help you close your target met the English language.

Whatever you do, don’t say you can’t talk about English because it will be to make your own forecast. Believing that you don’t speak English means close your mind to try never to give a chance to yourself for the better. The only way to resolve this should lead, no matter how bad or good you are there.

2. Don’t worry about making mistakes

The other thing you should do is not worry about making mistakes. A part of being human hurts and sooner or later, you will accept the fact that it turns out that you are not perfect and will always make mistakes. There is that one way to avoid mistakes in seeking any. If you follow this way, you will avoid making mistakes, but you also never better.

It may seem counterintuitive but try as much as possible, that you made a mistake. If you make a mistake, you’re really talking about English and for the better. If you don’t make any mistakes every day, then you don’t talk enough. Of course, do not always make a mistake and you have to try to understand the layout of your mistakes so that they can learn and improve your skills.

Grammar or grammar is the last thing you should worry about speaking the language of the English. You don’t need perfect grammar to be able to communicate with someone in the language of the English. A native speaker will not judge you because the grammar is not good, their focus more to understand what mean you and resume talks. As long as you speak clearly and confidently, regardless if you use the wrong words, endings, as well as the structure of the sentence.

Many language programs that put too much emphasis on grammar and do not emphasize enough the talk. They have ruled out the idea that you must know beginning grammar first before you speak, giving effect to reduce your confidence when you finally started talking. It is a setback. You must learn to speak first to build your confidence and then fix grammar when you reach a basic level of mastery.

Everyone makes mistakes, even a mother tongue of the English. No one is born with a perfect language in the English: achieve competence requires time and hard work. Many Americans who had been at the school for 13 years and still not learned how well English talk.

In order to not be shrunk by mistake. Learn to embrace and appreciate your mistakes so that they are an example of your learning.

3. Do not apologize to your level

Something really annoying me is when you talk to someone, they apologized for the language of the English, they say. I’m never offended by someone in English language levels, and I will not be disappointed when someone makes a mistake. If you talk to someone and they get offended or disappointed by the level of your English language so they are the bad guys who might torture a cat in their free time.

Most of the people who apologize for the language English level felt that they should speak better than them. Not what to think like that, but don’t RALITERA disappointed with me for not knowing more than you did. Achieve mastery in each language is a long process, and you can’t wait to become fluent from one day to the next. Even if you have learned the language of the English of the years or a few months, you have tried if hard to be in your position now, so do you the low point of view.

4. Not to be frustrated at me

During the English studied the language seems frustrated. At a certain moment will come a phase where you will not be able to fully express yourself like you can do in your language, and there will be a moment you can not find the right words to be revealed.

In the near future, everyone passes through these phases: it is just part of the habit in the language learning process. This step may be to go just for a few weeks so fully ‘immersed’ in the language of the English, but could also occur in the next few years if used only twice a week to the UK language school you. The only way to put an end to the frustration, it’s practical, convenient and practical.

Don’t forget that’s not frustrating because you’re not smart enough or because of language, learning is too difficult, but it is something that must be passed at all. Embracing a sense of frustration that and feel intensely, by increasing your knowledge can take this step faster.

5. When the people don’t get the sense that you do not consider as a matter of personal

There will come a time when, no matter how hard you try to talk to someone, that person still does not understand. Based on a lot of people who talk about English world, there are many accents, some of it is indeed difficult to understand. I myself don’t understand some of the accents of the Australia and most of the people of the accents of the Ireland.

You will encounter this problem when you talk to people who are not accustomed to talking to strangers. If they do not know these they will be accustomed to listening to the spoken language of the English in a specific way and they did not any reference to when you talk to you. Be aware that this is not a reflection of your ability to speak, but rather a reflection of the lack of knowledge of others who are different.

This can also occur because you speak with people who have the level of language English under you. They will not be able to understand everything you say because you are more skilled in the vocabulary. Try to remember when you were at their level and learning the language is not the same between one and the other.

6. Do not compare yourself with other people

It doesn’t matter where your level of language in the English, you have worked hard to be able to be at this level. Banggalah with your accomplishment and don’t be too despite what people think about it. They won’t know how long you have worked hard to be in your position now, they know not every fight you go to get to the level, any level.

It also means that you don’t have to be attractive – compare yourself with others. Some people can easily learn the language, and some people have spent some time to fix their language of the English. Just because your friend who has lived for three years in London spoke very well does not mean that you are not on the right track.

Some people are happy to see more of failure, but you notice people like that then you have found to develop their negative sides. Any time you worrying what they think of you more time is wasted to improve your English.

7. When you are Fluent or think you know well, don’t be SNOBBY.

The language of the English was not a chip in your brain, but the process of learning. Maybe this will look hard and a bit paradoxical, but the English descendants of the Jedi, they realize that they do not have the mastery, they do not have and always try to approach him.

This means that when finally you commonly (whatever the real meaning for you or for the world) do not necessarily adopt the attitude of a person who thinks that, ‘I learned the language of the English”because of fundamental problems and limitations from this assumption. There is a number of things:

* You put lies because in fact you never stop learning. As with most do you understand as human?

People who are in the study tended to be lazy, and it’s a fact that apply generally to any learning process, where if you are not growing is probably down.

* Excessive Ego prevents you to recognize most 5 to 10%, stand out from English command of the language of the descendants of Jedi Master

* There is a tendency to demeaning the people who learn the language of the English (or people who study their languages) and silly, forget it because they won’t survive in the analytical study of the process.

* Understanding of culture: you can master the grammar entirely, but it does not mean that you are competent. You must be constantly connected to the source of the culture of the language so that it flows and formed from yourself.

So now you know the 7 things you should not do while speaking the language of the English, go there and speak the language of the English.

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