Things that make it difficult for us to learn the language

Improve Yourself in English

You sit at your desk, work for a few hours, and at the end of the day it turns out to something wrong. You have completed less than half of the tasks planned for this day. After all, you have worked hard for so long. But is it true? Or maybe something distracted your attention and destroyed your ability to concentrate?

Doing too many things

You do a few things at once. You learn, cook dinner, in the meantime you check Facebook newsfeed and organize your surroundings. This is not possible to learn in this environment. If you want to focus on one thing it is better to achieve the goals one after another.

We start learning, even when we have started two things. At the beginning, we have the enthusiasm, but it soon turns out to tiredness. Then, it is best to relax and return when you are going to finish learning a language. We all have our priorities, sometimes learning a language is not one of them. And it’s really better to give yourself a moment to relax.

Facebook newsfeed

First, cook and in the meantime embrace the place to learn. If Facebook newsfeed can’t wait – take care of it and then calmly study then. It will go much easier and faster if your thoughts are focused on one thing.

You learn on the computer and you have a phone at the desk? Focus! You check emails and messages and at the same time, you are trying to learn something. But you lose your time. Even if you come back to your task after 20 minutes of watching videos, your brain doesn’t remember where it ended. You now go back to what you have already done. And you lose time because this repetition does not increase the efficiency of the memory.

Turn your phone to a mute mode and deactivate notifications. If you want to go to Instagram, just turn off your phone and put it in Kitchen.

Wrong motivation

Yes, in languages, as in all other languages, without motivation you will not improve. Have you ever wondered why some things come somehow easier? For me, the day without learning is a lost day. This is simple. But I also do other things, sometimes I don’t like them, but the awareness of “why” helps me to move forward, slower or faster.

But why do I write about the wrong motivation?

“It’s foolish that I don’t know any language, it’s a shame.”

“It is worthwhile to know the language, it is practical.”

This usually does not work.

There are two types of motivation: external and internal.

We expect that something or someone will inspire us. We need an external motivation. It often works – that is how we learn in school. We have tests, exams, you have to do something. The problem here is that we do not always have someone who motivates us.

On the other hand, we can motivate ourselves. I always look for this motivation, I am looking for my “why”. When I have it, nothing will stop me. It is especially useful when we are doing what we do not like. If we know why we won’t be looking for excuses.

Comparison with others

Have you ever heard someone speaking and he was better in the language than you do? Then you think: “I don’t know as much as him”. I also have moments of doubt. But usually, it turns out to a thought that this person simply learns longer. So instead of demotivating yourself, it is better to do own things. Improve every day. Look only at the steps that you take.

Too much planning

You are working and suddenly it comes to your mind that it can go faster if you put together an action plan. So you are planning work for today and tomorrow and entire week. Instead of completing the tasks, you have another task and your work has not progressed even a half.

Planning is great. But we are overplanning. Make a plan before work, e.g. in the morning. Plan things when you can relax and think clearly. We must focus on this one thing, put maximum attention to it. Then the results will come faster and you will be greater than before.

We are just starting, and we are looking at steps we have to take. Sometimes we want to speak with complex sentences. Then we are upset that we do not understand something. Let’s focus on what we already know. Thanks to that I have a reason to be happy every day.

Going to perfection

You wait until you learn enough, as a result, you don’t use the language. You learn for a long time inefficiently – you are afraid to make mistakes that without trying you don’t reach a good level of English. So you don’t use what you know and you frustrate and have a blockade. And the circle closes.

Giving up

When we do something, there will finally come a moment when we find it difficult. Sometimes we are simply tired, and sometimes we have to spend a little more time on one thing.

This moment can take even a few days. At the moment when we feel resistance, there is no reason to force ourselves. It is worth to wait and then returning.

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