The only way to speak a language

The only way to speak a language

The important thing in learning to Speak the language of the English

Learn to Speak the language of the English are you aware that today, almost in every place we can find English-language writings. Minimarket, garage, electronic stores, schools, offices and other places are very easily found words or sentences in English. A foreign language is now already globalizing and everyday meals into Indonesia society. Even among teenagers, many frequently used everyday expressions in English. For example; by the way, get well soon, thank you, come on, good night, and more. Then it is reasonable, in the international arena, the English language is recognized as an international language. At least, the English language has a special position in 70 countries and is used in more than 99 countries. The community that comes from diverse geographical backgrounds, religions, and cultures have been United by the agreed English as an international language.

The era of globalization increasingly bring people of the world especially the workers and students to compete in the English language. For example, to get the scholarship S2 abroad, the TOEFL or IELTS certificate becomes the main requirements for file selection. Not only that, college or work in the country that the original language is English, as is the USA and Canada demanded that we can speak English. This has resulted in a multitude of droves of people who learn to speak, either through English courses or are self-taught.

Talk the language of English, knowledge or skills?

Language is a means of communication to convey the thoughts, feelings, and needs. Therefore many people learn how to speak English in such a way that it can be used according to their functions. Then, do the talking in English including in science, or skills? In psychology, knowledge is included in the cognitive domain, namely the science of nature must be memorized. While the skills included in the motoric domain i.e. Science nature must move the limb. This means that we have an obligation to move. In the end, if you’ve mastered then we automatically can do without thinking (automatically without thinking). This is the basis of learning how to speak the language of the English is effective, i.e. with a direct out.

As the learn to swim, memorize the theory of motion in swimming later imagined in the mind alone is not enough. Because the skills derived from continuous practice. Then, the first thing to note when learning to speak English is, when the theory of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation had already obtained immediately practice talk. Just speak up! Don’t get hung up with the assumption that you have to recite all the tenses in English to be able to talk fluently like a native speaker. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, the important thing to do, just do it, then we will in itself accustomed to spoken English.

Tips On Learning To Speak The Language Of The English

1. Learn vocabulary and Grammar

The main ingredient in spoken English is vocabulary or better known as the vocabulary. Many people speak English in the constrained because of limited vocab (read: vocabulary). In the learning process, while spoken English and suddenly there’s one word that forgotten English, don’t stop talking and just continue with the best that we can. Pause when spoken English can screw up our memory will point conveyed. Do the same thing against the grammar. No need to be frustrated with the grammar is still a mess. Because with practice continuously, automatically we increasingly proficient English speakers.

2. Listen to the song or audiobook English

Use all the senses is important in learning a language. Try to often listen to English songs or audiobooks. It is useful to get used to hearing the language of the English. In addition, we can learn pronunciation or pronunciation in English.

3. Watch movies in English

Watching the movie is a fairly complete learning and fun. At the same time, we can listen to how to talk to native speakers or native English-speaking people at once knowing the culture and the usual activity did there. Try watching the movie in English using English subtitle too. So you know how to pronounce words in English. You also can use the occasional subtitle to find out the meaning of the conversation.

4. Write a lot of things with the English language

The wise man says, “gird up science with the inscription”. With any writing in English, means we are saving vocabulary and grammar in our brain. Don’t be afraid of your writing is wrong, but don’t be shy to correct it. Because the more you write, the more correction, then you will be more prepared to speak English.

5. Don’t be shy to talk

The only way that you can speak English is by speaking. The biggest obstacle to a person to start talking English is fear is wrong. From there other fears will appear, e.g. fear of being laughed at others or even frustrated because always focus on grammar mistakes. When learning to speak English, the absolute error is certainly there. Even the best basketball athlete Michael Jordan said, “shots I’ve missed more than 9000 times, I’ve lost almost approximately 300 games. 26 times I believed to win the match and I failed. I have failed and continues to fail in my life. And that’s why I’m successful. ” So, don’t be shy to talk, because with a lot of practice You talk faster.

The only way to speak a language
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