The Callan method – 4 times faster learning English

The Callan method

The Callan method promises up to 4 times faster learning English. How much is this truth?

With it, you will learn how to communicate freely in English. Is the ideal choice for you. This is one of the most effective forms of learning in the case of people starting an adventure with the English language from scratch. Quickly and effectively training the English through this method. Has developed her professor at the University of Cambridge-Robin Callan. There is no meaning or age, or a predisposition. The method is designed for people who want to quickly learn the English language.

The Callan method allows you to tackle the biggest problem related to the teaching of the English language, which is a barrier in speaking. Most people, even when it has a lot of vocabulary and perfectly knows the grammar, it’s still in contact with a foreigner, not being able to say the words. The Callan method will allow you to change it. It has worked for thousands of people around the world. Guaranteed success. Not only teaches the language, but also eliminates language barriers. With this method, English is used in practice. The huge emphasis is placed on conversation, contact with another human being. In the classroom students speak only English. You cannot speak Polish. It motivates to action and give you the courage to speak in English.

The Callan method has very many advantages. The first is that you learn 4 times faster. The second is that you save time and money. The third is that the Replay system is carefully developed and not lose time on unnecessary replays, remember the material. The fourth is that you fully understand the spoken language and written. Fifth advantage is rapid progress in science, what motivates you for further action. Sixth of the advantage is that you don’t have to learn Additionally in the House. The last advantage is the friendly atmosphere in class.

Climate in the classroom much affects the quality of science. Therefore, classes are held in a relaxed atmosphere. Teachers and native speakers should have a pedagogical approach to the students.

Very important when learning English is also friendly and comfortable interior. Let’s see if our school is renovated, and chairs on which we sit for hours are convenient.

Activities should respond to individual preferences and requirements. The school should adjust to the level of the students and their capabilities.

Some schools organize demonstration lessons. Thanks to them, you will be able to find out if the Callan method is right for you. Learning this method is very effective and enjoyable. Just one lesson to her. Callan method can you learn the language from scratch. There are no restrictions.

What are the lessons of Callan? First, by 99% of the time, you hear only the English language. Secondly, the teachers say, two times faster than it is naturally. Thirdly, there is no grammatical tasks solving. Fourthly, there is no textbooks in colourful books. Fifth, the writing and reading is a few percent of study time.

This may sound strange, but Callan had based his method on a few assumptions. In a month you’ll hear 80000 words. You will learn about 70 new words and phrases and you’ll meet 15 new grammatical structures.

Each lesson begins with the fact that every student must ask a question with the word, which he had learned in previous classes. The person on the side and asks a question with another word to the next person. The chain continues to go round it by the entire group.

It may even be a pleasant part of the lesson, because the participants have the chance to create funny and original questions. Depends on which group of people. This allows you to also loosen the participants, so that the rest of the activities take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

After the warm-up came 70 minutes of so-called drills. Reader ask as soon as he was able to question the participant. The student must answer them as soon as possible. This is the finishing and very tiring, but at the same time very efficient.

The Callan method is that the questions match the unnatural sentences. For example, on the question: “If you are going to meet with someone, you can always come in the appointed place?”, the answer to, more or less like this: “no, if I’m going to meet with someone that doesn’t always come at the appointed place previously, sometimes I arrive earlier, and sometimes to arrive late.

Research shows that Callan requirements support the skill development of all polyglots.

The Callan method does not read never answers from the book. The student when you hear questions have to remember the right words and their use in the response. If you can’t remember, you can count on the help of the teacher. This is the method “pull and push”.

During the main part of the training is not the place to create your own response. You should stick to the exact patterns of sentences various invented ‘ by experts from the team of Callan. It takes on each meeting by 70 minutes.

The Callan method is very effective. Quickly learns to communicate in English and eliminates language barrier.

The Callan method – 4 times faster learning English
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