Poems To Learn English – Increse English Skills by Reading Poems

Reading Poems

Reading poems to learn English language is something that is not as simple as it sounds. It has rhythm, it has rhyme, it has tongue twisters, there are emotions and mood changes, in short, poems are a combination of many things and most of it has to do with emotions and mind imaging.

If you are trying to practice your English language skills, the best thing to do would be of course to keep practicing by talking. But simply talking will not improve your reading skills and your vocabulary. The best way would be to read aloud.

Now some say why not read out a book. This can be done easily because there is actually a story. A lot of people like to listen to a story unfold rather than actually having to read them. But when the question comes to poetry, suddenly, everyone stops and looks. The emotions that come out from people when they hear the word poetry is not the same as when you simply say a book. Why is that?

Because of the combinations that are found in it. The hidden meanings, the emotions that it can stir the reader. Not that it is difficult to read, but because it is difficult to decipher.

Some people find that reading poetry as a hobby. A Level that is almost unreachable unless you were an expensively educated person. Some even make the mistake of thinking that only geniuses and scholars read poetry.

This is sad because poetry is another form of reading that can actually promote skills in any language. The English language is especially gifted with works from Byron, Bronte, and Browning.  They made poems so dark and mesmerizing that they have continued to live on until today.

The poetry reading will not only improve your reading skills and your vocabulary, but it will actually refine it, make the rough edges smoother and make the words coming out from your mouth more meaningful. The average American may not spout out Byron. If you are an executive who deals with American executives, you will be surprised that they sometimes speak in ways that others cannot understand. They surprisingly use poetry, and it shows their level of education.

So go and do the same, read the poetry and refine your English language skills.

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