Practice English by Singing

If kids love nursery rhymes and tongue twisters, another thing that they love is to sing. Singing is a good way to go through the English language, especially if they are ballads. The music I am talking about does not involve Rap songs, sorry, but these songs do not do well for those who are still starting to learn the language. However, if they have already acquired good skills in English, then they can venture to Rap songs, but it may ruin their grammar, so beware.

Practice English by Singing

Ballads, country music, and nursery songs have good examples of how the English language is supposed to be spoken and pronounced. Some of the songs are written as poems and then the refrains are sung several times. These refrains are usually what makes us remember the songs better and what we remember we can repeat several times and end up practicing the language as we sing it.

Sometimes the singing can actually disguise your practicing, especially if you are the type who does not like to let people know that you are learning another language. The singing can make you interact with other people and when they sing with you, you will find that you will be remembering more, finding more songs that have great poetry hidden in them, and eventually you will find that you are becoming more skilled.

The only thing to remember when practicing English while singing is that you should understand what the song is all about, or else you will just be spouting off words that have absolutely no meaning to you and you won’t be able to use your practice to good use.

When my speech teacher told us to come to class with two or three songs to sing in class, we laughed for we did not see the purpose to it. Eventually, we saw the benefits but did not realize this until several years after the class. Now that I think about it, I realize that one of the things that helped my pronunciation and skills gain proficiency was because the singing helped me to think in English, something that is hard to achieve when everyone else refused to speak it.

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