10 Podcasts To Improve Your Listening Skills And English Vocabulary

10 Podcasts To Improve Your Listening Skills And English Vocabulary

Full immersion in language learning requires sacrifice, a little more motivation, and support from online resources. When you are not able to spend time at your desk, podcasts are an easy and mobile source of help on your way to smooth communication.

If English is not your native language, but you want to get involved in alternative language learning methods, check out these wonderful podcasts.

Why is it worthwhile to learn through English podcasts?

English-speaking podcasts are a great way to quickly learn English anywhere – on your desk or when you move. With a little sacrifice, podcasts in English will help you quickly improve your listening skills and proficiency, and for you to get started, I’ve chosen one of the best podcasts on the web. Their styles and approaches are different, but they all offer specialised teaching and advice.

1. The English We Speak

Tired of strict definitions of the actual English language? Try The English We Speak by the BBC. This series focuses on slang words and phrases that real people speak. Each lesson takes about 3-4 minutes, providing a quick snippet of a really useful English slang. Listen it here or on iTunes.

2. Podcasts in English

English podcast with programs for beginners and advanced. Podcasts for those who want to use business English. Lessons are conducted entirely in English, and short lessons involve conversations between two English-speaking speakers, which cover a wide range of topics covering almost every aspect of life. Listen it here.

3. Creative Language Learning

It will discuss current language news and offer three different tips at the end of each episode, asking guests to choose their favorite ones. Epizod “I didn’t get lost, so I would like to learn” is especially successful because the guest, Randy Glover, He was 57 years old when he started learning the language, which shows that its never too late to start. Listen it here.

4. Elementary Podcasts by the British Council

Usually these lessons are quite long, about 25 minutes. But one of the joy of podcasts is that you can stop at any time and get to where you left when you have more time. The hosts of each edition take into account different scenarios. Podcasts include broader discussions on some topics. The presentation is vibrant and full of optimism. Listen it here.

5. EnglishClass101 by Innovative Language

Everyone will find something for themselves here, in a series of podcasts for all levels of experience. You can choose from four levels of learning – absolute beginner, beginner, beginner, middle and advanced. Podcasts are presented by the hosts, who also play various scenes. Listen it here.

6. The Actual Fluency Podcast

In a similar form to the Creative Creative Language Podcast, this one has wonderful guests and gives you a chance to feel as if you had some connection to them. Chris Broholm talks not only about various topics related to language learning – such as structured languages and the link between languages and travel – but also about setting goals. Listen it here.

7. News in Slow

Offered in Spanish, German, French and Italian. Can be useful for students of all levels. Listening to a message in a foreign language is great for increasing vocabulary on current topics, which is useful if you talk to some native speakers. Listen it here

8. All Ears English

Have an unusual turn in mastering the language, using the real world-wide start of the conversation as a starting point. Learn how to get to know someone in English on a safe and easy way or how to naturally interrupt someone in English. Listen it here

9. 6-Minute Grammar

Another great English podcast from BBC, a 6-minute grammatical lessons on Tuesday and you will find here short clips. Every week, guests show basic area of grammar with examples – all in 6 minutes. Listen it here

10. Splendid Speaking

Ready to take the next step? Splendid Speaking is aimed at more advanced English language students who want to take their speaking skills to a higher level. Guests often learn English as a second language. Each episode offers constructive feedback on the visitor’s presentation and proficiency, giving the listeners the opportunity to see possible mistakes along the way. Listen it here or on iTunes.

10 Podcasts To Improve Your Listening Skills And English Vocabulary
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