Learning to Speak English Better by Taking Down Notes

Learning to Speak English Better by Taking Down NotesOne of the better methods to learning how to speak English better is by taking down notes. This is actually a very simple way of improving your grammar and vocabulary.

If you are just learning how to speak English or can already converse well but are still grasping for some words that fail to come around, then this is one technique which you can do to remember some of the words that you hear for the first time or the use of the word in a sentence that makes sense to you.

Some may consider that you may look funny taking down words as you hear them, but if they realize by informing them that this is your way of learning, then they may actually even volunteer some more words for you to take down.

That is the fun of learning a language, anyone that you meet can become a potential friend because they feel that they are in a position to teach, they know their language well and they can impart some wisdom and knowledge that they have been getting and earning since they were babies.

As a learner of a foreign language, never ever feel shy or out of place to make people know your limitations of the use of their language. You will be surprised that a lot, if not most, people like it that you are learning their language. They feel a pride when they know someone learning and rare are the people who would put you down and ridicule your attempts.

Sometimes, simply sitting on a park bench and listening to people talk is one way of hearing words that you have never before met in your learning. Once you take down the words for the day, go back and look up the meanings.

The internet is filled with dictionaries online and there are even some which teach you how to say a word properly. You can even find some sites which offer tutorials on how to use the one word that you took note of into several sentences which give the word different meanings.

Learning to speak English is fun, it gets better if you take down notes.

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