Learning English Through Football

Learning English Through Football

The Premier League and the English the British Council work together to organize training and workshops for 400 teachers from across to learn the language through the medium of football the English, in the auditorium of the University of Paramadina. The program was named Premier Skills and aims to transform the football material into something educational and easy to learn.

This training is completed by a four-person trainer and consultant from the British Council, namely Dian Harnita, Itje Chodidjah, Finita Dewi, and Lulu Amalia. They try to give English language lessons about human life through football. It can happen because in general the majority of the people of the world to like football.

Most of the people are fond of football due to the presence of the star with the ability of sports balls or an attractive physical appearance. The whole of their behavior being the center of attention of the world community. Therefore, this programs made the top footballer of the world as a role model for all participants of his protégé.

Through the Premier Skills, teachers are directed to be able to give lessons about sportsmanship, responsibility, honesty and habit to disciplined as much implied by the footballer who plays in the Premier League the English. That way, students can learn the language of the English at once moral lessons it is important to put into practice in everyday life.

“The football player has the same life with us. At the time of the empty, they were happy to write or simply active on social networking sites such as Twitter. Therefore, the program is not about football. This program is about the human life through the medium of football, “said Chodidjah.

Earlier, the British Council has held a series of dissemination through training and workshop for 130 teachers in East Java. On the occasion, participants of this program are the English language teachers from all over the school-level elementary, junior high, SENIOR HIGH and VOCATIONAL SCHOOL. The British Council and the Premier League English has also been piloted this program on a total of 11 different countries.

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