Learn English through movies with English subtitles

Learn English through movies with English subtitles

Check also how to talk in English with new friends then about Reading Poems and on the end speak English using audio which is very easy to do.

How To Learn A Language Via The English By Watching Movies

Watching movies is one quick way to learn the language of the English. Through the movie with the English, we not only learn grammar or grammar, but we also train our sense of hearing. Not only that, we also can practice talk in the language of the English, as did the cast in the movie that we watch. This article will explain how to quickly learn the language of the English through a movie.

It is indeed correct that the movie is a quick way of learning the language of the English spots for you. But, you must make sure that the do not the origin of the watch only. Of course, there are things that you are doing so that the activities of a movie is not just a movie.

Preparation Before A Movie

Before A Movie

Before you watch the movie with the goal to learn the language of the English, you should determine in advance, the ability to listen which one to learn. For example, want to learn vocabulary or reproduce a vocabulary in the language of English known as the vocabulary. Means, you should pay attention to the word per word in conversations relating to a given topic.

Different is the case if you want to expand the ability to understand spoken the language or spoken English. If it is like this, you have to pay attention to how the pronunciation or pronunciation of the cast in the film. Specify it where you would like to learn when watching the film language of English. Can expand vocabulary, pronunciation ability or even both.

Choose A Film


After you know what you want to study, start selecting what movies you want to watch. Find also information about the cast of characters in the film, and how the story or synopsis. Watch a movie with a cast of characters or your favorite genre, will certainly make learn the language of the English through the film will be more felt spots for you.

Choose the film that corresponds to the purpose of your study. Whether it’s learning about the vocabulary or pronunciation. To find out, you can look for subtitle language and a check of his English what is used. Is it the language of English the American, British, or Australian, usually they have a distinctive accent.

In selecting the movie you can search movies recommendations from people around. The movie has a good storyline will certainly make you more interested and survive to learn. Do not origin in selecting a film, can-can You get bored and eventually decided not to finish the film until it is finished.

Make Sure The Subtitle Language Of English

Check first whether the film you choose and watch to learn the language of the English is already conditioned subtitle language of English? If it hasn’t, you can look for subtitle language English through Google. Subtitle will help you expand the new vocabulary you will learn.

Why should also find subtitle Indonesia-speaking? Because it is used to compare the subtitle language of the English. So you need not bother to translate English language vocabulary by using the dictionary. Live translation in the language of Indonesia read, you already know what the meaning of the sentence

So, the movie will feature two different languages, one language, and one Indonesia-speaking English. If you have trouble to film you watch can display two languages, you can use certain applications that will help you. Then download subtitle movie would you watch on a special website provider of subtitling films.

If you feel able, try to identify a specific part of the movie you watch. After that, you are trying to compare your translation results with subtitle Indonesia language is there in the film.

To listen

Write down the words that still feels foreign in your ear and then look for meaning. Watch the movie part one by one. If you want to learn the pronunciation or pronunciation, should play the part several times. So, you understand how pronunciation is also writing and vocabulary.

When you feel you do not understand at a certain part of the movie, you better stop and get back replay part of the film. In this way, you will focus on words that are spoken.

Watch movies with your friends

Invite your friends to join the English language learning through a movie. You and your friend could be a discussion of the themes in the film. Even your friends can also help if you have difficulty in understanding the film.

After Watching

After Watching a Movie

After you finish watching a movie, you are trying to write about how the film, including how the road story, the character of players to what messages can be taken from the film. If you can write all this in the language of the English means you can already speak English. However, if you still experience difficulties, write in the language of Indonesia first.

Evaluation Of Learning

When you’ve often watched movies English language to learn, don’t forget to do the evaluation study. You think as to what the current English language proficiency. Then compare, as what used to be your ability to speak English, especially in terms of listening and vocabulary.

That’s the last several quick ways to learn the language of the English through a movie that you can try. Easy, cheap and you can try it at any time. Godspeed!

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