Learn the language of the English

Learn the language of the English for most of us; it’s always something that’s tough. Many of those who claim to follow various language courses English already, but did not have the expected results. There are a few ads that guarantee three months or 6 months guarantee eloquence. If this is not the case, the money is returned. Of course, it is misleading. They operate just the desire of most people who want instant without wanting to try. Experts anywhere in the world for the teaching of the languages see English wouldn’t guarantee like that because it’s impossible.

Learn the language of the English

There is also a feeling that he is not useful in learning the language of the English. But the language of the English is not hub Ngan NYA with talent. The evidence that they are living in the English, speaking in his daily environment, can easily talk if not talented English. Anyway, where did you know that you’re not good if not seriously studied?

Learn the language of the English

Two ways can be achieved if you want of the English, who are fluent. The first to join the course. The second self-study. Join English language courses must grant a stay is not a little. But the benefits that you will be guided by teachers who usually include the language learning how English is good and correct. Mistakes can be corrected so that you know where the mistakes you made.

Whereas if the self-study, the benefits are profitable. But you don’t have a friend who will correct your mistakes. The biggest problem is that you don’t know where to start and what to learn to master the language of the English. Here are some tips that you can use to start learning the language of the English independently or self-taught.

In the language of the English, there are four core competencies you need to master that is Listening, talk, reading and writing. For example, you can start from the four skills and knowledge above. How to use media at low cost to the mastery of the preceding?


We are listening (listening). First media you can take advantage of the CD or cassette is learning the language of the English that existed in the library. Follow the instructions and learn seriously. If you think it’s expensive, you could start by listening to the radio or television to talk to the English. If it is not possible, you can download it from the internet. BBC London offers to learn free listen completely with trans RI NYA. Or just type in Google, you will find thousands or even hundreds of sites that provide a study listen for free. The bottom line, nothing is impossible in the virtual world.


Another way that I recommend is to listen to the songs of English, paying attention to the words or join her singing along the song. A song appropriate for learning the song is finally clear. For example, the songs of the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Westlife, etc. The English language learning with songs you’ll feel at ease because there is no pressure.

Your vocabulary will grow with accidentally when you want to understand the meaning of the song. The way to understand the vocabulary as it better you should memorize the five words every day but never wear these words. The song also allows the pronunciation of a Word, because it is that the first sound pronounces it for you to know what kind of a word should be pronounced. Also, the song and the lyrics you can search on the internet for the free.


Then comes through the film. Buy a film drama you like on DVD. When you play the first time, use the Indonesian language subtitles to understand the content of the story. On second reading to use subtitle English to understand how a Word is pronounced. And on the third reading, watching the film without subtitles. Try to figure out what is said in the movie. It took indeed. But believe me, you will be trained to listen and speak even simultaneously. So while making use of the animation, you also learn the language of the English.


The second skill that must be mastered is speaking (spoken). These core competencies because of the conversation, we will know if a person is, in fact, speak a language or not. Speaking for most people considered more flammable skills because it covers many aspects of the English, among others (pronunciation) pronunciation, listening, grammar and vocabulary at the same time. But in truth, all it takes is a little courage and motivation to be able to speak the language fluently.

If possible, you can follow the conversation classes in many courses near you. Here you will be guided by a tutor so that you become a good oral expression. But the course that only it turns out that this is not enough. You must practice as much outside the classroom. And that’s the first essential skills to speak. Practice, practice, and practice. Practice will make perfect.

The problem then is how to train it? If in your town, there is a community that aims to train the speaking of a person and then try to join. If this isn’t the case, find a friend. What if this still does not work, you can search the language English learn a lot of DVDs on sale in the main bookstores as Gramedia. And if you think it’s expensive, think of it as an investment. Just to remind, there are many people out there who are willing to burn day money Rp 11 000. One month they can spend his money IDR 330 000. Who can only smoke and disease? Well, it is, of course, create the language skills of your choice, comes the English still thinkers-thinkers?


Independent study in the DVD you will be trained to start presenting you the presentation skills in the language of the English. Also, some of the many sites on the internet that offers a video of the English languages that can be downloaded for free. With the help of Mbah Google, you will be surprised by a large number of free Pack Learn to talk about the internet.

Independent study through the DVD it takes passion and motivation of the new high. If less, you will be stopped in the middle of the road. And that’s what a lot of people who want to learn the language of the English moment two or three months. Believe me; there is nothing snapshot in the learning of languages. Not easily lied to false advertising.


The third skill of learning the language of the English is reading (read). It is relatively easier because the material is almost unlimited. Again, the internet offers a lot of reading material speaking English. From news to science, or articles. But my advice is the beginning of a light theme. For example, the news. Try reading The Jakarta Post dot com daily. The news is a new national Indonesia written in Great Britain. You will more easily understand it because most of the news you read in the newspapers as international media newspaper. If there is a word you don’t understand, just open the dictionary. If there is exciting news, you can print to be collected.

English-language newspapers or magazines might also be a good choice if you have sufficient funds. Again, it is just a matter of will and desire. There are several ways to master the language of the English if you use media frozen around you.


Last is the skill of writing (writing). It is a skill that is quite complicated because it includes the ability to pay of ideas, grammar and vocabulary. Media is available a lot. There are blogs, e-mail, and social media. With a blog, you can write your daily activities every day. From wake-up until you fall asleep. You can run two or three paragraphs just beforehand.

Or you can search the list of e-mail addresses of people who want to build a relationship correspondent in cyberspace. Number millions. Among the 100 countries. They are the ones who is happy to report while smoothing the English their language in cyberspace. Or some are indeed from the English country language but just looking for a best friend and not that of any country.

Important you must first trust. The shame? Why should your veins of shame be determined first? Believe me, shame; you are not in place. So where is the logic of the shame you? It’s a shame that this place had a lot of killing the dreams of thousands even millions of people who want to learn the language of the English. Accordingly, they regret later why the first should be embarrassed English the learning of languages.


Well, for grammar, you will learn directly from various grammar books, sold by the pound. Please select what fits your abilities. There are many books on proper grammar at affordable prices. Or if you want a free, virtual worlds provide. Regarding the vocabulary, you need not learn unique skills as all of the above at once broken, vocabulary.

If I can conclude, there are many ways to master the language of the English quickly through the media. If we want to exploit it, the results will be amazing. Behold, our generation is much more likely with the presence of the internet as a learning tool. So enjoy. It takes only a strong passion and motivation. Without it, then support rich to learn the language of the English would be futile. Like a chicken died in the barns. Good luck and learn the language of the English.

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