Learn English through videos for free – How to learn English quickly

Internet usage was as being mandatory for us, all the activities that relate to the outside world, almost all use the internet. The content on the internet that most of the video are the Indonesia, most people prefer to watch reading because according to the watch can better understand what we want to learn.

One of the most visited sites of people everywhere is youtube, a site of videos in the world. On Youtube, we can get a lot of information in the form of videos, Youtube is one of the benefits of learning, including learning the language of the English. In Youtube, there are many videos that contain about conversational English, in other words, Youtube can be a quick way to learn the language of the English.

The way is open youtube.com and then in the search above, we can type “language of dialogue of the English”, and then we can watch a video conversation to the English to exercise. In the video, there are two people who are chatting and asking conditions each other and where it comes from. The player in the video was a stranger who is still the original dialects, while we are most challenged to listen better. In addition, they also discussed mutually favorite as newspapers and interviews. We can emulate the way speaking and trained to listen, then we hope to offer good feedback when anyone who invites us in the language conversation of the English.

7 amazing Youtube Channel to learn the language of the English

Now, youtube.com is no longer the only site to share and watch a series of video is ridiculous. There are thousands of free videos are distributed by the UK language teachers so that you are able to learn the deeper and better than the reading of the text.

Why do you need to consider the videos on Youtube?

Expand your UK reference of the language material and not only focused on the material in the book only.
The video is very flexible in where you can stop, forward and backward to meet your needs.
A lot of videos that makes you deal directly with the President. Of course, you can see the speaker’s mouth and understand how they pronounce the word for Word the words of the English.

Learn a new language using the video more of pleasure and ease compared to reading a book.

Once you see why need to learn the language of the English via youtube, now it’s time I wrote about 7 channels which could be a recommendation, if you want to learn the language of the English through Youtube.

1. Speak English with Misterduncan

Made since 2006 and you can find a teacher who was so passionate in the provision of language English. There is much learning you can find here where made the development English language you speak more fluently and accurately.

2. Real English

Is one of the best channels for beginners who want to learn the language of the English. Using a collection of videos inside, real English bring students to the reality so that you understand how people use their language in everyday life.

3. BBC Learning English

The format of learning in one of the most famous channels is it real situations, drawing cartoons and interview. So, there are many different types of video can give you a fun experience when learning of the language of the English. On the BBC, you will find videos that are short, but its content is extremely dense and clear.

4. British Council: Learn English kids

I think that this corresponds to a channel on this one was referring to children. You can have a child in the exhilarating experience where they learn the language of the English to use the song, video animation, and rhythms which correspond to their ears.

5. Business English Pod

If you want to learn marketing and to make a presentation of types of industrial companies, then you can find the complete instructions here. One of the videos that I opened the description of Search Engine Optimization that if full its translation. Adjustment of the video, SEO is the way ranking keywords and objective positioning is on the first page even class first in Google. SEO is divided into two forms, i.e. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Then… There are much more other explanations.

6. The VOA learning English

VOA is a channel where you can see and hear the reading of the news with a slower tempo. He was easily more coupled with the language of the subtitles of the English so that you can better understand what is said by the reporter.

7. Jennifer ESL

It is a video-rich channels. There are more than 200 videos made by a clean style of Jessica with a clear, slower language and include the subtitle. The lesson also varied i.e. ranging from grammar, reading, writing and much more.

What is explained by Jessica performed with simple, natural and with a style that focuses on pronunciation so that it is permanently your ability in speaking the English could rise sharply.

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