Learn English through Movies and Films

Learn English through Movies

Watching movies is an activity that is fun and refreshing. Who doesn’t love watching movies? You missed and missed a lot of things are cool if you don’t like watching movies.

Watch the movie, it’s also a way of learning are powerful enough and not boring. In addition to enjoying the work of art itself, we can see how a foreign language is used and it is pronounced by speakers of the original.

We can learn the language of the Hollywood English movies Director crime of the English. However, it would be better focus you for the film from a country in advance. What for? Because there is often a difference in meaning or pronunciation of a word confuse you as a beginner.

The English language learns to give you things that you don’t get in the classroom. Throughout the film, you can hear how a Word is pronounced by speakers of the original. The film is in fact not for the learners of the language, but rather for native speakers for you can get used to hearing phrases English language spoken by native speakers, its speed, his accent and even the context. You will learn how and when a word or phrase is used. If the class gives you a wave of vocabulary to be learned through the film list, you have not only the meaning of a Word but also the sense, when and how the word is used and only we the same words can have different meanings depending on the context of his speech. Here are some tips to learn the language of the English through the film.

Language of subtitles of the English

If you are on this watch westerns with the subtitle, try to start using the language of the subtitles of the English. It’s a little heavy for beginners, but there is no learning without effort. If you have a higher capacity, try to watch without subtitles.

Select the corresponding movie

In addition to adjusting the film may life long, also set the film with your ability. If you are a beginner, look at Sherlock Holmes with subtitle English language will be certainly be confused and even interfere with the excitement watch. If you are a beginner, busy watching movies or comedy would be more appropriate.

Prepare a dictionary and a note

Study session begins. Trying to create a list of your own vocabularies of style. Create a list of words, phrases or sentences that understand you difficult based on the movie. In fact, we have a language capability to guess the meaning of a Word through context (context clues), but sometimes not that sharp and so boring capacity. Well, if there are words that don’t understand you and hinder the understanding you will be history if you don’t know the meaning, and then press the pause button and open your dictionary. Do not forget to rate! Note that details such as the way in which the word is pronounced and the context of the sentence would be better. However, if you still feel able to understand the sentence without having to know the meaning of a single word, then make a note of that Word and seek which means once the completed film.

Repeat the pronunciation

Learning by listening and speaking the opportunity to train. After hearing a spoken sentence could be better you practice to pronounce. Repeat until your tongue, you’re used to.

Here are some movies that you can watch while learning English. (In order of easiest)

* Toy Story
* Jelly
* Avatar
* Full House (tv series)
* Just Go With It
* S F.R.I.E.N.D. (tv series)
* (500) days of Summer
* How I Met Your Mother (tv series)
* Breakfast Club
* Forrest Gump
* Titanic
* Star Wars
* Breaking Bad (tv series)
* Django Unchained
* Sherlock Holmes
* Social Network
* Sherlock (TV series)
* 2011: a space Odyssey
* Game of Thrones (tv series)
* The interstellar
Happy watching, have fun and happy learning!

If you have other references, please comment below.

Learn English through Movies and Films
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