Learn English Through Comedy

Learn English Through Comedy РIn the case of research with the Jefferson Institute in Washington DC, a group of students has a duty to solve problems in learning English. The students were divided into two groups. One group listened to their comedy for a few minutes before returning to the task of solving the problem. And other groups have what it is until the given problem solving the same task.

Learn English Through Comedy

The results?

The group that received something before the task, 21% only solve the problem.

Of the group who listened to the records of more than 79% of the comedy to solve the problem!

Interesting, isn’t? Well, that almost everybody enjoys a good laugh now and then.

The format of comedy

It seems to work using different modes of entry. The comedy of entry can be either listen to CDs. Reading funny riddles and jokes in the writing of comedy or another seem to be effective as well. The effectiveness of comedy; TV or other video formats (Visual) are still under consideration and debate an additional factor has been introduced. I tested the use of audio-visual short segment before the session and intensive questioning of entry for relative efficiency using comedy. So far, the results have been c.

Other forms of comedy note entries are the teacher. If teachers can slide into a good story, anecdotes, funny or even a slight joke or two often seem to serve the same purpose has a positive effect on learners.

When possible, you can also consider posting short comics or Panel in the classroom, in the classroom or in the meeting room of teachers, and even send e-mail attached to the class or classes of sites online. There seems to be no reason why this should not have a positive impact.

Learn English Through Comedy

Why don’t you start browsing your favorite for some particular thing funny that could help even the teach learning partner? You can validate this substitution as follows by learners or other teachers. Looking for editorial, articles and funny tests also. Many are available online and in newspapers, magazine or print publication.

In fact, I subscribe to the daily comics sent to my email box every day and eagerly look forward to what will be the day where quip. If you try to put a bit of comedy to the routine of classes (and your life) a day, at least, it will be useful to brighten up your day and many others, including the learners. Studies show, can even help improve the performance of English language learners. Use the comedy to help Improve the performance of English language.

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