How To Learn English With The Help Of Social Media

How To Learn English With The Help Of Social Media

I am curious what is the first activity that you do right after waking up. Do you get up as soon as the alarm clock rings? Or maybe you would rather catch your smartphones in a hurry and check whether you’re checking Instagram newsfeed? I am ashamed to admit, but I belonged to the last group. If like me, you can’t imagine a morning without coffee and browsing social media, then I have two messages for you of which fortunately only one is bad. First of all: you are obviously addicted to the Internet, but this is probably not a surprise. And secondly, you can easily use your addiction to help you learn English.

I will try to prove not only that it can be done without too much effort, but also that it can be an effective and pleasant way to learn a foreign language. Below you will find my ideas on what to do to make sure that time spent on Facebook or Instagram is not completely wasted, but instead effective helps in everyday contact with English.


If you are not a fan of photography, you don’t have to publish anything at all – just open an account and watch the profiles of others.

How do I use the Instagram to learn English on a daily basis?

Observe the accounts of English teachers – it is the best to learn at the source. Check The Daring English Teacher.

Observe accounts that are dedicated to English courses, e.g.: Grammarly, BBC Learning English, Grammar Tips.

Observe accounts that publish words or quotations of the day, e.g.: Meriam-Webster, Word Porn, wordoftheday , english_vocabulary.

Follow the accounts of English-language news services or weekly magazines, which often, apart from photographs, publish videos such as American Time or British Guardian.


Subscribe to the various English-speaking groups and take part in the discussions. If you are shy, at least read others’ speeches – this is a brilliant source of everyday speech! I recommend fan pages and groups like English is Fun.

You can also create a group together with friends to learn English and write only in English.


How can you benefit from using Twitter regularly? This medium will certainly help you to express yourself concisely. If nothing comes to your mind, you can start by describing current events. If you like someone else’s tweet, please answer to the author. Twitter is also a platform that allows you to meet people with similar interests. That’s where is the whole tweeting fun.

Observing other accounts is also a great opportunity to repeat words. The tweets are short and within a few minutes, you can read a lot of them developing your reading skills. Twitter is also a great source of buzzwords.


If you don’t have an account for LinkedIn, it’s the best time to change it!

LinkedIn is an ideal tool to meet people from the same industry, with similar experience or interests.

Start by writing your CV and if you do not have an idea, you can always look at how others have done it by simply entering their profiles. Watch the accounts of various companies that you like to access unique content. Articles that are on LinkedIn news feed are much more professional than those published on Facebook.

I hope that my ideas have convinced you to start using social media more consciously. During the day when the time we spend on learning is limited, every extra minute is worth it. Instead of browsing through the news feed, this time try to put one of above strategies into practice.

How To Learn English With The Help Of Social Media
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