How to make friends – Tips and Tricks


Of course, nothing is by force, we know. We will not force anyone to be a friend with us, but here are a few things we can do to make people like us, respect us and perhaps want to make a friendship with us.

Many people suffer from loneliness and want to make friends. Consider some of the tips I’ll give you here and you’ll soon be able to make relations with new friends.

Spend more time with other people. If you want to have friends you must first be in a place where you can meet them. Nobody new will knock on your door when you’re watching your favorite TV series. Join clubs or organizations that bring together people with interests similar to yours.

Use Facebook, as well as instant messaging and chat rooms. Dont limit your friendship to the Internet only. Get out of the house, meet with people and make not only virtual friendships, but also real ones.

If you like to play sports, join the sports team and share your passion with others.

Treat everyone equally – as they are the most important people in the world. Or at least when you talk to them.

Become a volunteer in an organisation. You’ll certainly meet people there who have interests like yours.

Listen to people as they speak. But not only when they speak directly to you. Show interest in what they have to say in general. Like or comment their social media.

Talk to people. Even if you join all the clubs and organizations in your city, you won’t make friends if you don’t talk with people. Talk to the person who is sitting next to you on the bus, during the break, in the shop. Most of these conversations will probably end with nothing, but the more you try, the easier it will be for you to find someone to really become your friend.

Always keep in touch and smile when you talk to others. You can start a conversation in many ways:

– from your question: “Do you know where is …. street?”.

– from the complement: “Nice dress. Do you know where I can buy it?”.

Continue with the topic by asking more questions. Try to find something positive so that the conversation can take a light, pleasant tone.

Introduce yourself at the end of the conversation, for example, by saying “My name is……….. The other person will probably answer you in the same way. Then add this person to your friends on Facebook so you will talk in future online.

Ask for another meeting. The most important thing is to get to know each other well and accept their advantages and disadvantages.

You need to remember a few things to prove that you’re worth friendship with this person. Remember about birthdays, try to be a good listener. Nothing builds friendship as much as convincing the other person that he can confess to you with the secrets.

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