How to learn 6,000 English Words: 7 English Apps On Android That Can Be Used Everyday

How to learn 6,000 English Words

The great apps for Android English of language learning. English language as the language of the international community make notably among youth, inevitably be learn this language. The great advantage to have English language lessons will certainly affect directly to users.

For those who like to travel abroad for the purpose of vacation, school or work certainly mastered the language of the English. However, the name of the learning path takes a lot of time to master.

The presence of Application Android smartphone in the English of language learning is all those who want to learn the language of the English becomes easier. The English language learns a lot of applications that can be downloaded to help the English language learn where and when.

The wording following 7 Inggris learning applications that we auto summary to facilitate the user selects an application adapted in accordance with integrity.

1. Learning English ~ 6000 word

To get the app to learn English better android you can try to use the Learning English – 6000 words. English offers a way to learn a language which might attract all walks of life to give it a try. With 6000 words accompanying the phonetic transcription of the image and the recording of the pronunciation by a native speaker could contribute to facilitate the language learning English.

There is also some vocabulary includes 15 thematic issues are divided into 140 subtopics and a vocabulary everything has already been translated into 59 languages. There are 7 unique and fun games that can be played by all circles.

Easy Yes, guys. Do you want to try? Instantly, download and share your experience using this English language learning applications.

2. Learn the grammar of the language, English

English apps in android to the next learning language is learned grammar language of the English which can be downloaded for free via Google Play. Also, the application focuses on the grammar that is needed when it wants to study the language of the English. This owner excellence one application shows how to learn the grammar of the language of the English from the ground level.

So the language of the English learning Android Applications can be used by all walks of life. Ranging from children to people who are already working. Interoperable examples of reserved and conversation in the language of the English practical and systematic and easy to understand.

The good news of this application requires no internet connection and of course free. There is not bad to try this English language learning applications.

3. Learn to speak English

Have an application to learn English for android is currently highly demanded by all circles. Because it’s the international language, of course, many people who inevitably have to learn the language of the English in order to improve the ability to speak in. There are 900 lesson and 8 000 audio files to help learn the language of the English on this application. The existing sentence could also be heard how their pronunciation with audio that is already planned.

You can also use the feature to record your voice and compare your own with audio speaking of you. Of course, there are still many interesting features which can be tested on the app learn to speak English.

There are some specific advantages to having when using this application. Among them are learning the basics of the language, the language of the English of Great Britain for daily activities, language of business, English English travel and much more.

4. Ultimate English grammar Test

Learning of languages android apps based on the English are very sought after by all circles. Altogether English grammar Test which presents how to learn the English language-based games. There is a level that can be played on this application. Issues addressed include verbs (present simple, present continuous tense, Present Perfect tense, the past Simple tense, future Simple, past continuous tense, tense past tenses, present continuous, future perfect continuous tense, future perfect, etc.).

Each level will give you the opportunity to answer wrong three times. There are also three AIDS that you can use to facilitate your answer. The game stops when you did it three times in error.

Pretty fun huh, you can learn the language of the English to use the application. Home language skills English only in your spare time, and you could be increased later.

5. Complete the package of learning

There was a lot of android applications to learn English for children which can be downloaded in the game of Google. One of them is a complete package of learning. Using toddlers in order to absorb the information and intelligence on the appeal filed by this application. Because children have an absorption greater than in adults.

It also provided many features and fun. Perfect for kids who want to try to learn the language of the English at a time more and more important role. These features include getting to know the numbers, learn to recognize letters, write, draw up to sing. There are also educational games that can be used offline.

Probably this app is perfect for moms who want to introduce his son to the language of English. Pretty fun guys.

6. Learn grammar language English

Some people may ask why we need a grammar when learning of the language of the English? The answer is because the grammar is one of the important elements for learning the language of the English. When he has mastered the language of the grammar of machine learning of the English would be easier. But for some people, the heaviest thing that precisely the grammar must be traversed. That is why this application created to help understanding grammar and gradually.

Sentence, noun, verb, verb, conjunction, the degree of comparison, The Question Words, regular verb, irregular verb, command, and demand for capital sentence, conditional, auxiliary instructions and more in this application. In addition equipped with features exclusive to help you learn the language of the English, examples, and explanations.

There are several features that you can use in this application. Spirit of the learning of languages in the English.

7. Duolingo: Learn languages free

English learning requires wearing on the last Duolingo of the language is: learn languages for free. Set up a game system while learning where and when. Game model is applied is a quiz that is used to form the speaking, reading and listening skills, writing in the language of the English.

Duolingo is a free application to help improve language skills English. Vocabulary and grammar of base under the English language contained in this application. You can start learning basic verbs, expressions, phrases and words recently on the game which is provided by Duolingo.

When you’re curious, you can directly download the Duolingo app and try it out. Do not get hooked and forget the time!

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