How to improve English in 1 month

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For most of us, learning language skills means a long learning period, many hours in the school and a great effort. But, to tell the truth, that does not have to be the case. By integrating English into your everyday life and taking systematic action, you can clearly improve your language skills within just one month.

I am sure that my advice may be useful to someone else. I started learning English 1 month ago (at home) from the elementary level, now I am at intermediate level. Or I think I am 😉 At school I met people who have been studying in the school for 3 months or longer and are in a higher class but cannot communicate as fluently as I do.

I became convinced how important it is to have a good method for learning. They ask me at school how it is possible that I speak so well and I don’t know grammar. Below I present my method.

You will find very valuable advice there. It is worth listening to them as many times as possible:

The foundation of this method is listening and repeating very simple materials. The best way is to understand around 80%.

Also, check English conversations at

The next step is to learn through short love stories or criminal stories depending which you like the most.

It is extremely important to learn daily. At least 30 minutes. It is worth to look at what is interesting and never overload with practice. If you get bored with listening, switch to reading. It is important to always associate learning with something cool, so you don’t develop bad thoughts towards it.

After around 1 month of daily learning, you will see the results and this will also motivate you to continue learning. I encourage you to buy books for students with a CDs.

In addition to being able to read and understand the text, there is a speaking. In my opinion, there is no better way to talk to someone who knows English. So every day you could spend 30 minutes talking with someone. It is best to try to make it a normal conversation about something rather than learning.

I often use In addition, I would recommend that you enroll in a language school for a lesson with a native speculator. This helps.

The possibility of speaking English frequently in every possible situation, especially when it is a person with whom we feel comfortable and who knows the language better than us. The more we speak, the more we develop our skills.

Practice makes a master, so you have to speak as much as possible. Anyway, that helped me.

Good luck.

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