How can I break a fear of speaking?

break a fear of speaking

Many people, perform well in language tests, understand a lot, but do not believe in their own skills and with the simplest attempt at conversation, they avoid talking to other. How to break a fear of speaking?

It is worth realizing that no one has survived his adventure with language without making any mistakes. It could be said that the a man learns from mistakes. The more we try and then improve, the faster we achieve the desired skills.

Where does the language barrier come from?

You are generally a listener rather than a speaker. You don’t want to appear in public. When you have to speak on some important issue in an unfamiliar company.

With your insecurity. Sometimes the fear is so big that it turns into panic fear – you feel an accelerated pulse, sweat when you think about speaking English. You often have the instinctive desire to escape. It is better not to go to a job interview, not to take an exam.

Perfectionism. When you do something, it must be perfect. Otherwise you don’t even want to start. As you already have something to say in English, it must be clear and withhout any mistakes.

Lack of practice. Maybe you have studied it for a few years at school. Maybe on the course. There was no tragedy. And now, everything is wrong. Words are completely missing.

Because of the lack of love. The problem for you is this. You don’t like to speak English. When you say something, you hear the sound of strange sounds and it sounds stupid to you. It’s like listening to yourself from a recording or watching yourself on a film. “It is strange”. You don’t accept yourself, which is not good, often completely unconsciously!

To speak English, you have to… talk!

So, ask me what to do to get in touch with English so that you can finally start speaking fluently in English?

There is one answer. Have contact with English every day. Your task is to make your environment as English related as much as possible. Do not watch or listen to anything in your native language, listen to news and radio in English, read English-language pages. Even if you have difficulty understanding the content at the beginning, don’t be afraid!

Remember that your first purpose is not to understand everything. Your goal is to listen to the melody of the language, intonation, tone…. listen it as you listen to the songs. The understanding will come with time. Change the language on your phone and on laptop to English.

Learn. Daily. Sound boring? Have you ever tried to learn for at least 15 minutes every day for at least one month without any break?

If not, start today, and one day you won’t even notice when you will be fluent in English.

You have no time?

I went to different schools and still have a problem with language. This is lack of consistency, laziness. In today’s world we are often busy, we work for a long time and do a lot. Learning English is important because we are changing our job. We are looking for a language course, going to classes once, twice or three times a week. After classes in the school we return to our duties, English “go to the classroom”. We end the semester and still feel uncomfortable about speaking.

Instead make a contact with the language every day, even if it is 15 minutes per day. Even if the only thing you can do is unconsciously listen to a BBC podcast.

Do not be afraid to listen and watch original programmes and films. Your initial goal is not to understand. Your aim is to become familiar with the new sound and melody of a language.

Learning a language is no different from learning other skills such as playing an instrument, dancing and driving. In order to play the guitar you need many hours of daily exercises. In order to drive acar efficiently, you need many hours of driving. No one becomes a driver after a few minutes of holding the steering wheel.

Choosing the right learning techniques. You should also check what motivates you andhoose the right techniques for your motivational type.

How can I break a fear of speaking?
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