How I Learn English Speaking from Internet

Learn English Through the Internet

How I Learn English Speaking from Internet? One of the new best friends of man is the Internet. It is simply filled with all the up to the minute news and innovations, and most of all, if you are trying to learn how to speak English and there is no way that you can do this successfully in your country, then you can just use some apparatus that the internet has made possible.

My most favorite is the site howjsay which all you need to do is to type in the word and then you get to listen to a computer generated voice which will say the words properly and in the right accent. Even I am sometimes surprised that I had pronounced a word incorrectly for a year after I just curiously did some inquiries. Shame on me.

The point is, this is a good way to teach people to speak the English language properly. The internet is filled with these apparatus and it can be surprising that a lot of students from foreign countries find that they could actually communicate well simply by going through the internet.

Another thing on the internet that is great for language skills is the messenger application like Skype, MSN and YM. These can connect you to several people from all over the world and you can actually ask your friends if they know what to do. Most if not all of the time the friends would be able to correct your use of the language and before you know it, you can literally chat with them online in perfectly written English.

If you want to learn how to speak it properly, there are also sites where you can just join chat groups and the “friends” there will offer their assistance in a flash once they learn that you are trying to learn their language. In return, they can also learn your language, so there would be a balanced exchange in the learning process.

How Do I Learn English Speaking from the Internet

How Do I Learn English Speaking from the Internet

Well. Our best friend current times is doubtlessly – the Internet. It is a miracle. You can find so many nice, valuable, and precious things about you did not know at all before you found some interesting facts! But basically, very good thing is to use the Internet as a fine source to learn. Most people are wasting their time when reading another superstar gossips and then they live someone else’s life, not their own. On the one hand – this is needless thing you can do with your life, but on the other hand, if you will treat this as an effective way to improve your language skills…

Then you could read about your favourite musicians, stars, actors, and actresses in English and get to know some new words you were not familiar with so far. Because you will read about something, what really is a subject of your interest, you will be picking up unfamiliar words even quicker. But reading about your favourite bands and so on is just a one way you can use Internet to speak English even better.

While you do your homework or you revising to some exams – innovative idea is to find some material in English language relevant to your topic you learn about. In this way, you can get to know some more words meanings. For example, when you do some mathematical exercises – do you know that people around all the world have unusual ways to solve the same problem?

You can search for it in the Internet and it may appear that the other way could be more understandable for you than the one presented by your Maths teacher. Of course, I really doubt someone will let you to use another method to solve mathematical problem, but understanding is always a key to every solution. Not saying that you will practice more words and sentences while you make your online research.

Social media

social media

Another way, when the Internet is friendly, useful, and helpful in learning how to speak in English is actually use of social medias. Famous social medias are full of people coming from different countries, who would love to practice, the same as you do, their language skills. When you set up your profile and search for such groups of people it may appear, that you have an excellent choice, who you can practice your language with.

Sometimes people know your language and are interested in further language development, the same as you, while you consider the foreign one. Isn’t amazing opportunity to exchange your skills with someone, who perhaps can teach you even better than your teacher, because he (or she) speaks in this language since was born?

What’s even more – you would even pick up these people, whose accents you would love to meet in practice and get to know. However, be careful and behave with some sense of security. Never ever give too many of your personal details to anyone while making conversation. Try to keep healthy distance and remember, that these people live many miles away from you.

Video conversation is harder

Video conversation is harder

Reading in English about your favourite bands and getting to know some new words, looking for homework materials in English knowledge sources, corresponding with new online friends (also so called pen pals in the United States) – what else can you do via the Internet in order to improve your English speaking? Well, apart from messaging in form of writing, you can try some video conference. Some people love to be in eye-to-eye touch instead of typing on keyboard to a person which is not known closer and is too mysterious to speak loosely, like with best friend.

Sometimes video conversation is harder, but definitely we stop practising our reading and writing, but start speaking and listening. And these things are very important if we want to be a real English language speakers. Even if we are able to read and write correctly, it will not replace our talking and hearing. Similarly to other mentioned above groups available on various kinds of social medias, you can find people willing to speak to you in English by taking a part in video conference. Just you and your new friend.

Break first ice

Break first ice

Sometimes is hard to break first ice, but it will be worthy. What is even more, you can find someone whose English level is just little bit better than yours – you and your new friend will have some nice kind of challenge and for sure you will motivate each other in your attempts in your proper communication.

You can also trust someone, who is English native speaker or whose language level is distinctly above your own and who will teach you things you normally could not think of. Whoever you choose you can be sure that firstly – you will make new friends from different countries and secondly – you will practice your English speaking the best way you can. As the time flies you will notice your progress during your English lessons and other occasions, but the best measurer will be the ability to communicate and talk about everything with your new friends.

To summarize – the Internet can be very handy, useful and helpful if you really want to speak in English as good as you only can. The ways mentioned above are just epitomes – maybe you can find some more ways how to learn English through Internet on your own? You can share with us your ideas!

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