Great Ways to Make Friends As An Adult Using These Easy Steps

Make Friends As An Adult

The world-famous psychologist B.F. Skinner has proven that an animal rewarded for good behaviour will learn much more, learn much faster and keep its knowledge for longer than the penalised animal. Later studies have shown that this also applies to people.

When we criticize others, we do not change them, but we often cause permanent injury.

Another psychologist, Hans Seyle, once said:
“We want acceptance as much as we hate condemnation.”

Some facts

Smile. Sometimes it is possible to express more than just a verbal statement with a smile. Do not be afraid to use these weapons. You will quickly notice that people will return their smiles and feel nice with you.

Listen. Everyone has a moment when they need to be heard. Even if you feel that you have a lot to say, do not interrupt, let him or her finish the thought, and only then give your thoughts. You will see that the person you are listening to will be happy.

Remember the names. It is no secret that everyone has something of a narcissus and loves the sound of their own name. That’s why getting to know each other will make it easier for you to remember the names of people you are talking to.

Ask questions. Even if you feel that you know a lot about the subject in question, ask. This will draw the attention of the person you are talking to. He will perceive you as interested and will be happy to explain topic.

Be proud. Nothing supports the other as much as sincere congratulations and praise. Appreciate the effort and work of your friends, do not be afraid to say that you are proud. If you enjoy someone else’s success, don’t hesitate to talk about it.

Each of us would very much like to have friends who will help and support you.

You can have fun with your friends, reveal secrets and understand.

Where you can meet a friends

– at school
– on the Internet
– at some point, e.g. a restaurant or another popular place
– at the park
– at the party
– in a cafe or restaurant
– in shopping mall
– backyard
– elsewhere

How do I get him/her?

– being yourself
– being nice
– to say simply: “Hi” and to present yourself
– talk about common hobby
– getting to know each other through a colleague
– being able to listen,
– giving good advice
– by helping, for example, with learning

Men’s and women’s friendship

– is becoming more and more popular
– helps to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of girls as well as boys
– Frequently changes into Love

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