10 Great Websites Where You Will Practice English

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If you have not yet included English in your daily activities, it is time to change it! I decided to create a list of the most interesting places on the Internet, which will be perfect for polishing your reading skills.

English E-Books

Free ebooks in English, which can be downloaded or read online for free. Additionally, the books are divided according to their levels. From elementary to advanced. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Open Culture

An extremely popular website that includes free ebooks. An ideal place on the web for fans of the literature.

News in Levels

News from the whole world in one place. Three different levels of advancement. Articles are red by a native speaker.


Reports on practically every topic. You will spend many hours on this website.

The Guardian

The best British daily newspaper. Here you will find all news from the UK and the rest of the world. Many great articles.


A huge database of free audiobooks with text read by the reader.

The Mental Floss

Interesting facts, quizzes, puzzles, articles. It is possible to become addicted to this page.

The Lifehacker

A website presenting various tricks for improving your life.

Read Theory

Great page that helps you practice your understanding of the text from short texts and checklists.

The BuzzFeed

You will find here various articles from world news, various kind of crazy things, funny videos and lol content. Also an excellent source for teachers to discuss in the classroom.

I hope that you have found something worth your attention among my suggestions. Google also can help find interesting content. The Internet is now a great source of material on every topic.

10 Great Websites Where You Will Practice English
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